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UPI’s Civil Engineering Department Shines with 3rd Place Win in National Civil Tender Competition

The Civil Tender Competition is an event designed for students pursuing D3/D4/S1 degrees in Civil Engineering and Architecture from across Indonesia. The competition’s primary objective is to provide participating students with valuable insights into the real-world tendering processes prevalent in the job market.

In this 11th edition of the Civil Tender Competition, part of the Student Day of Civil Engineering, the chosen theme revolves around “Effective and Efficient Infrastructure Development Estimation.” The competition aims to challenge participants to create tender documents that are as effective and efficient as possible in this context.

It is worth noting that in the recent competition, Civil Engineering at UPI achieved a remarkable 3rd place, showcasing the department’s prowess in the field and its ability to compete at a national level. This success underscores the commitment of UPI’s Civil Engineering program to foster excellence in students’ understanding of tendering processes and their practical application.